Blackjack Etiquette

Blackjack Etiquette is a set of unwritten blackjack rules. These are not formal rules and regulations while playing blackjack, however, blackjack etiquette concerns everybody. Remember that you are playing with real people here and dealing with real people's emotions and feelings as well.

Below is some blackjack etiquette for you to remember:

1. Be polite if you are to sit at any blackjack table where the game is already starting. Ask the players if it is alright for you to join them. If they allow you to go ahead but if they said that you must wait for the next game then wait.

2. If you are to place a bet, do it in a neat way. Place your chips in an orderly stack in the middle of the betting area. The chips should be piled accordingly, the highest denomination at the bottom of the pile.

3. Once the deal is done remember not to touch your bet. You can bet before the deal is made not after.

4. In blackjack's face-up game, remember not to touch your cards. Usually in blackjack's face-down game you can only touch your cards only with one hand. Remember not to bend your cards and make sure that you keep your cards over the table.

5. In using hand signals use only clear and straightforward signals and not words.

6. If you are to tip the dealer, place the bet for the dealer on the edge of the betting area and that is closest to the dealer. If you win that game the dealer will keep the chips.

7. It is normal to use strategy but not the kind of strategy that can affect the entire game or annoy other players by slowing the game. Use a strategy that will not affect other players and the game itself.

8. If you notice some error of mistake let the dealer know immediately. Or you may call the attention of the dealer. On the other hand, keep in mind that dealers are also human and humans sometimes commit mistakes so if the dealer commits a mistake be patient and let him know at once.

9. If you are not included in the game but you only want to watch and observe do it behind the player. Do not shout from behind and do not make a noise, or else you will disturb the other players and annoy them as well.

10. If you are leaving the table already leave a tip for the dealer, this is not mandatory but just a simple act of courtesy and generosity.

11. If you want to drink while playing blackjack you may do so but remember to put the liquor in your stomach and not in your head.