Blackjack Strategy

Here are some proven blackjack strategies to help improve your game.

Strategy # 1: Distractions

As you walk inside the casino always maintain your position. What mesmerizes players are the flashing of lights, continuous sounds coming from the slot machines and the richness of colors. This is the goal of the casino to attract and distract gamblers.

If you are new to the casino we say don't fall for these attractions. Keep your composure, stay calm and cool and always keep a clear mind. Don't hurry to sit down and play. Have a walk around for a while and observe the tables as well as the players. In your mind review your objectives of going to the casino while you are observing other players.

Strategy # 2: Table Selection

Most players selecting a table are not planned at all. Players usually grab the first available seat that they see.

As you know, table selection is one of the best strategies that you can apply before playing blackjack. Choose the table with the minimum game entry. In choosing the table observes if players have high stack of chips, if so it means that players are winning at this table.

Strategy # 3: Table Entry

You should be observing which table has a higher stack of chips in front of the players, this means that the dealer is breaking. If you saw this kind of table run and immediately grab the available seat. It is not always that the table is dealer breaking.

Strategy # 4: Tables to Avoid

As contrary to number 2 and 3 if you saw a table with players having few chips or none in front of them then you should avoid this table. You will also notice from the look on the players' faces that they are losing.

Usually, players that are winning have a certain glow in their face; it means that they are happy with the game.

Strategy # 5: Basic Strategy

Finally you are in the game, now is the time to choose your move with every game. You have the option to split, stand, double down, take insurance, surrender or hit.

Players have full control over their cards while the dealers are only following house rules. The correct thinking and decision making is called mathematical strategy, and this is the basic strategy that you should have.

You can acquire basic strategy from educating yourself, reading books and other related reading materials and by playing with other blackjack players.

Know that each decision you make can affect the result of your game. Use the best strategy and the best skills you have.