Blackjack and Mississippi River Boats

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Blackjack was played on River boats all along the Mississippi as a way to pass the time on the long voyages to and from their destinations. This was the Golden age of the River, when Mark Twain was writing his legendary novels, and the Civil War was as yet a thing unheard of. This was the time when slaves would pour you a glass of Bourbon while you sat and chatted with the lovely ladies that waited on the banks of the Great river.

Blackjack, indeed played an important part in these excursions. The game was a way to settle disagreement between gentlemen, and was a way to avoid the duels and a way to have fun while living of the rich cotton plantations that grew all along the River.

While playing blackjack on the riverboats, the people did a wide variety of other things. They played other casino games as well, or flirted, or bossed slaves around and all in all took care of themselves pretty well. The riverboats were equipped beautifully, with gilt furnishings, great food, large, airy rooms and gorgeous furniture. People who had the money to pay for it always got the best for their money.