Blackjack's History Lesson for Your Blackjack Future

Many people believe that the first card that was ever played began sometime during 900 A.D. It was located in China, where Chinese begin to "shuffle" some paper money to get different combinations. This Chinese game for playing with cards was known as "paper ticket game".

After paper ticket the game developed into playing cards in general. The first version of this game was invented by people who adore Islam and embedded it with elaborate patterns.

Next, the game went to Italy and Spain where it was introduced to many fans. The old elaborate patterns were changed. They made use of Royal Ranks of Men like a King for instance.

It was in the year 1440 where Johann Gutenberg, from Germany, who printed the first deck of cards.

In the year 1500 the Queens appeared on the cards. This is where the French people replaced the traditional male cards into female queens.

1600's is where the birth of the first 52-cards was born. The game that used this 52-card deck was called "French Pack". And then later on it was adopted by the English men.

It was generally the Frenchmen you was given the credit for actually inventing the game of blackjack. From French casinos during the 1700 A.D. the game flew to the United States in the year 1800.

One of Blackjack's attribute may have come from Italy where the game was called "Seven and a Half". Italian people played the game with face cards, 8s, 9s and 10s. Face cards are the ones with half value.

The Diamond King was considered as the wild card. If the player got a total of seven and a half, he was automatically busted.

It was a Spanish game that was called "One and Thirty" which also had some influence on modern day blackjack. This game is very similar to modern Blackjack today. Spanish "One and Thirty's" goal was to have a total of 31 and was played with 3 cards; today's Blackjack needs only 21 and is played with only 2 cards.

In other country like in Russia, the game was called "Ochko" or "21". This means "The Hole". Another characteristic of Blackjack came from the game "Pontoon".

At first the game was not popular in gambling houses or casinos. The game was changed to the name of Blackjack because the game originally used Jack of Spades to determine the winner. Any player who got the Jack of Spades and an Ace of Spades as his or her first card won.

Casino operators did was to offer bonuses to players when they win a game of blackjack to increase the demand of the game for gamblers.