Knowing What to Do at the Blackjack Table

Of all the table card games in the casino, the blackjack table is considered the best option for gamblers because the blackjack table deals – pardon the pun – them the best probability of winning. On the other hand, it’s also at the blackjack table that a lot of gamblers tend to feel that they have a valid right and reason to blame others if they’re experiencing rotten luck.

But before we dig deeper regarding that particular perception, let’s talk a little about the game of blackjack first.

As mentioned, the blackjack table is said to provide gamblers the best success rates. This is made possible simply by the very rules of the game.

At the blackjack table, all the players form a “united” front versus the dealer. Right away, you can see that this is to your advantage because unlike in poker in which you have to worry about the cards of your fellow players as well, at the blackjack table, all you have to worry about are the cards of the dealer and those alone.

Each player is given two cards at the first round. They can then draw more cards after that. Again, that rule alone gives you a better chance of winning compared to the three card maximum rule used in Lucky 9.

If the value of 9 is what you should achieve in Lucky 9, 21 is the value you should come up with at blackjack. In blackjack, the color or type of suit you have doesn’t matter at all. In blackjack, the type of hand you’re holding – whether it’s a straight or a flush – doesn’t matter as well.

In fact, all you have to do is count cards and hope that you reach 21 but never go beyond it.

In order to reach 21, however, you first have to know the counting system of blackjack. This is imperative if you don’t want to look a fool at the blackjack table. So always remember that the Ace can be counted as either eleven or one and that face cards are always counted as 10.

And finally, let’s go back to what we mentioned earlier.

At the blackjack table, players believe that the moves made by the player seated at the third base – the one who makes the last move prior to the dealer’s – are crucial and can affect other people’s luck. These people believe that any wrong move made by the player at the third base would make the dealer win and therefore make the rest of the players lose as well.

This way of thinking shouldn’t ever be followed of course. Whatever happens at a blackjack table, it’s only your moves that count. Remember this and you’ll surely play better at the blackjack table!